MiL Institute is a partner for member companies that seek to develop their leadership and team effectiveness, their businesses and operations. MiL offers both hands-on support and challenges by presenting valuable alternative perspectives. As a member of MiL Institute the company ensures an on-going partnership for the development of its management and leadership.

MiL’s Member Companies

Most of MiL’s Member Companies are international corporations, or major universities, country councils and civil service departments. However, there are also medium and small-sized firms amongst the members. The important thing is their level of interest in developing good leadership, a meaningful organisation, effective working methods and successful strategies.

Contact people at MiL’s Member Companies

Member Companies select one or more contact people who then represent their company’s interests at MiL Institute. This may be the Managing Director or Head of Human Resources, someone with overall responsibility for management and organisational development within the company, as too a manager with operational responsibility who is interested in development issues.

Innovation and tangible results

A lot of what makes MiL unique is created by the close cooperation between the Member Company and MiL Institute. This co-creation with our active member companies has been maintained for decades, resulting in groundbreaking developmental leaps. Two examples are many years’ working with IKEA as well as the partnership with both of the Volvo corporations, which are documented in the book “Earning while Learning in Global Leadership: The Volvo MiL Partnership” (ISBN 91-86312-08-1).

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Sharing inspiration and experience

Member companies in MiL’s network are offered the chance to hold inspiring exchanges of knowledge and experience with exciting people and companies; deeper sharing of experiences, new knowledge and methods that are immediately applicable in your own company. MiL seminars covering different themes and various types of work conferences are offered in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Skåne (southern Sweden).