Leadership development should lead to clear and concrete results, not only for the individuals involved but also within the business itself. For 40 years, we have regularly carried out research which supports the concrete and positive effects of our work together with our clients. We maintain that all leadership development must take place in close proximity to the business and lead to change – in terms of behaviour and culture, structure and activity. This is one of the reasons why we work with well-tested leadership development activities. Change and concrete results do not happen overnight. We claim that leadership development, which tackles the actual dilemmas, problems and challenges faced, not only enhances each individual leader’s ability to perform but also that of the whole organisation.

In other words, leadership development which takes business challenges seriously in an engaging developmental process creates learning and concrete results. In order for this to become a reality, it is necessary to work harder with the dynamics of leadership than with the individual components. In this way, individual tools and models become subordinate attitudes and comprehensive perspectives. A cooperative-style leadership which is both based on and assumes that trust is created both internally and externally. A leadership which creates the conditions for others to perform and which counteracts bureaucracy and realises the organisation’s full potential through improved cooperation across internal and external boundaries. This is what leadership development, combined with other efforts within the organisation, should contribute to.